4 ways to avoid Christmas insurance claims

4 ways to avoid Christmas insurance claims

It’s that time of the year again when we rejoice over presents and food and have great fun with friends and family. With the Christmas season fast approaching, you might be so busy preparing the feast and decorating the Christmas tree that you forget your valuables and property. Indeed, according to Kwiksure’s inhouse insurance experts, December is a month when we receive the most insurance claims for not only thefts but also accidental damages. 

In today’s Kwiksure article, we will divulge the most common types of home insurance claims during the festive season and how to prevent them.

High-risk claims during Christmas

With more activities such as Christmas parties happening at home than usual, the risks of something going wrong naturally increase too. Below are the most common types of accidents and incidents over the Christmas period.


During Christmas, your home might be filled with expensive items like new gadgets that you wouldn’t usually have during the rest of the year. Furthermore, you are more likely to go out and celebrate, hence leaving your home empty and gifts unattended. Your home may become an easy target for burglars.

How to prevent

  • First, if you’re going out, remember to activate your alarm and leave a light on. And if you will be away for Christmas, you might want to ask your family or a trusted friend to check in on your home regularly. 

  • Second, you should make sure your Christmas presents are out of sight by putting them away from windows or locking them in the boot.

Cooking accidents

We have to accept the inconvenient truth that not everyone is born with the talent of cooking. And even if you have a knack for cooking, when you cook more frequently than usual, the risks of accidents arise too, ranging from dropping a hot pan to forgetting a turkey in the oven and cutting yourself. That’s especially possible when you cook for a big gathering since you are more likely to get distracted. 

How to prevent

The rule of thumb is to never drink alcohol when you’re cooking. And if there’re too many dishes you need to cook, ask for help or consider ordering from restaurants instead.

Faulty lights 

We are likely to adorn our Christmas trees with some twinkling fairy lights. However, old or damaged lights can easily lead to a blaze, especially when decorated around the Christmas tree and above wrapped gifts. The tree and gifts themselves may become the best comburent. In the video below, a Christmas tree is engulfed in flames in just 40 seconds due to faulty lights.

It’s best to only purchase Christmas tree lights with the label of an independent testing laboratory from recognized retailers. If you still have an old set of lights from last year, you should check to make sure that they are in good condition. After all, they have not been used for a whole year. And if the light strings are already worn or frayed, do not try to repair them by yourself. Finally, do not overload a plug socket, as it may overheat and possibly catch fire

Forgotten candles

While candles can certainly create a festive ambiance and give off a wonderful scent, they may lead to a small fire, which may then spread and become a huge peril.

How to prevent

You should place a candle on a steady surface instead of carrying it around. Never leave any candles unattended. The safest practice is to extinguish them as soon as you leave the room. Finally, be wary of melted wax since it can also ruin furniture and carpets if spilled.

How home insurance can protect your property

Apart from the abovementioned issues, other accidents such as out-of-control parties can also easily lead to property damage, casualty, and third-party liability at your home. Home insurance and personal belonging insurance go a long way in protecting you from a myriad of risks and ensures that your Yuletide festival will not be ruined by a hefty bill. For more info on how home insurance can safeguard your home structure and contents, visit this page. Or simply contact Kwiksure for impartial advice, an obligation free quote, and plan comparison.